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Paul van Kessel is a Dutch jazz vocalist.

Extending beyond solo performances; he has collaborated with various groups and theatrical productions such as "New York Round Midnight," "Wicked Jazz Sounds," "Crooners Echo," "The Young Sinatras,” and “The Metropole Orchestra.”


Since Paul's solo releases 'Where's My Home’, ‘Damn Dog’ and 'Whatever Trouble', he has taken control of his mixes, nurturing a newfound passion. 


His first solo EP 'High Or Low' (2022), recorded in his Amsterdam home studio with a canal view in the heart of Amsterdam, precedes his forthcoming album 'Don't Explain'. Scheduled for spring 2024. 


Paul recently released two new singles, serving as an introduction for the new album, 'Why Don't You Do Right?' and ‘Cosmic Slop’, each offering a fresh take on jazz, blues and funk classics. 


The album features a dynamic "live" trio, featuring Sebastiaan van Bavel on piano, Lean Robbemont on drums, and Paul himself on bass/guitar and vocals. With this trio, Paul seamlessly blends his passion for classic jazz with a deep appreciation for blues and soul, embodying a soulful crooner with an affinity towards slow grooves that provide ample room for heartfelt storytelling


April, Paul van Kessel trio,

Jazzclub De Sjruur, Maaseik 20.30u

19 April, Paul van Kessel trio,

Theater Mascini, Amsterdam 20.30u

20 April, Paul van Kessel trio,

Living room concert (private) 


13 Mei, Paul van Kessel trio,

Pitboel Theater Sittard 20.00 uur

1 juni, Paul van Kessel & Sebastiaan van Bavel,

Theater Mascini, Amsterdam 20.30u

11-15 Juli, Alexander Beets quintet

ft Paul van Kessel,

Canary Jazzfestival, Tenerife, Canary Islands



Thrilled to announce my new album,'Don't Explain', is set to release on May 17th!


This project has been a labor of love, recorded in my humble studio setup across four different locations in and around Amsterdam, all while on the search for a new home/studio.

Beyond excited to share these seven new songs with you all. Huge thanks to Sebastiaan van Bavel for his incredible work as co-producer and arranger on this project. Together, we've created something truly special. Stay tuned for more updates and sneak peeks as we approach the release date!

Your support means the world to me. 🎤🎶

The second single of my new album will be out March 22! Its entitled “Cosmic Slop”. It’s a cover of a George Clinton track. Used to jam the lyrics a lot with my old funk band in Limburg, but also at the Wicked Jazz Sounds club nights. Gave it now a jazz, acoustic twist and recorded it for the new album, “Don’t Explain”, out April 19. Can’t wait to share it with you!


Thank you NPO Soul en Jazz!

Nadat Paul van Kessel in 2005 afstudeert aan het conservatorium scoot hij al snel de 'schijf van 6' bij NPO Radio 6, wat hem de nodige belangstelling oplevert. In de twee decennia die volgen, groeit de Limburger uit tot een bekend figuur in Nederlandse jazzkringen en ontwikkelt hij zich tot een van de weinige mannelijke jazzvocalisten in Nederland. Met zin nieuwste album Don't Explain - dat vanaf mei te beluisteren is - drukt hij zijn eigen stempel op klassiekers als Don't Explain en Same Old Story (Same Old Song). De eerste single Why Don't You Do Right? is alvast een heerlijk groovy cadeautie. Je kunt 'm vanaf nu beluisteren via de playlist van NPO Soul & Jazz.

"Why Don't You Do Right?", the first single of my new album is out now. Stay tuned for the album this spring.


Listen to Why Don't You Do Right? here

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