Hi and welcome! Great you’ve found your way here. I sing, write and produce. I’m based in Amsterdam. My upcoming release"High Or Low" is written and recorded in my home, where I created a cozy spot to record my music. With a canal view in the heart of Amsterdam, the right instruments, analog gear, pre-amps and some amazing vintage mics around me, I dove into the process of playing and recording everything myself. All beats, bass lines, guitar parts, trumpets, vocals and backing vocals were done by me. Two dear virtuoso pianists did the piano and key parts; Sebastiaan van Bavel and Daniel von Piekartz. Dirk van der Wal played guitar on, “What If We Got What We Needed?".


From always being the front singer to writing,  playing, recording and producing has been a great new challenge. Since the release of “Where’s My Home” and “Whatever Trouble”, I started doing my mixes myself, growing into a passion of its own. Building a more broader view on the whole writing process. From the early stage of finding the melody on my guitar, to shaping the different layers in the recording phase, and to finding the right balance between them. Layering sound is like painting colours on canvas. And everything is possible.